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Amy Daniels L.P.C.
Licensed Professional Counselor


I was trained by Lane Gould-Hartline and Emily Whitt Psy.D. to work with teenagers and adults suffering from Eating Disorders.  Alabama Psychiatric Services, P.C. provided an Intensive Outpatient Treatment in the Birmingham area and I was a counselor for individuals transitioning from this program in Mobile.  I have continued this work in my private practice.  I offer individual and family counseling, and can schedule weekly sessions.


Individuals with Eating Disorders are at risk of dying, and it is important to be medically monitored.  I expect patients who suffer from an Eating Disorder to be under the care of, at minimum, a primary physician, and to provide releases for the physician and myself to communicate.


Sometimes when a person seeks outpatient counseling for this disorder, he or she may need more intensive treatment.  Individuals with eating disorders may also suffer from other disorders, particularly anxiety, depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and may need to be under the care of a psychiatrist. 

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