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Binge-Eating Disorders

Binge eating disorders are a symptom for both this disorder and Bulimia Nervosa.  Individuals who are struggling with Binge-Eating Disorders do not purge.  They will rapidly eat food when they are not hungry, and often will eat until they are uncomfortably full.  Individuals may eat alone because they feel embarrassed about the amount of food they eat.  It is common for individuals to feel shame and guilt for this unhealthy eating behavior.  Individuals face a viscious cycle of having strong emotions, stuffing them down with large amounts of food, then experiencing shame and guilt for engaging in this behavior.



My practice is in Theodore, Alabama and I serve the Mobile. AL and the Daphne, AL area.  My practice is 2 miles off I-10 West exit 17-A.  I encourage individuals who seek help for this disorder to record their mood before, during and after their meals.  It is important to track one's emotions because this is often the driving force behind binge eating behavior.  Cognitive Behavioral Approaches help one develop coping thoughts and behaviors to change the habit of over-eating.  I encourage patients to add a new behavior instead of trying to stop binge-eating behavior. I believe that increasing our behaviors that help us connect with others will decrease these unhealthy behaviors.   If you feel that this would be an approach that would work for you, please contact me at (251) 366-1710.  

Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorders

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